You're lucky

Krylaeva Lika Yurievna

June, 2021 / Russian Federation


If a man is given a choice, what would he prefer first? Luck? Power? Wisdom? 

Maybe it's more damaged than it helps. To the man who has lost his hands and his life, God of wisdom comes to him 

and promises to fulfill any desire of wisdom. But in the heaven's office there is something confusing, and to man 

instead of one, and God good luck, God of Fun and God of War. What choice do you make? 

Maybe not choose anyone and accept another guest who's not expecting? And is the Man ready for the consequences 

of his choice?


Yuri Stoyanov ・ Yan Tsapnik ・ Dmitry Miller ・ Denis Nikiforov

Alexander Golovin ・ Alexey Dmitriev ・ Vesta Burkot ・ Yuri Skulyabin


Krylaeva Lika Yurievna


producer  Andrey Starovoitov ∙ Vladimir Namestnikov

writer  Andrey Starovoitov