■ This is not A. Muse

This is not A.Muse

Thaís DeMelo ・ Pedro Carballal

May, 2021 / Brazil


The documentary involving performing arts with experimental editing features 7 female artists 

occupying an art gallery still under maintenance. In 3 days, performances were developed based on the artists 

chosen by the performers, in their floating and dreamlike frames their bodies blend 

with their inspirations while dialogues involving contemporary art unfold. The film demonstrates 

how the concept of being a muse and of artistic purity is far from what these Brazilian women artists 

in their plurality of forms and personalities are looking for.


Angela de Carvalho ・ Paloma Maria ・ Yuri Tripodi ・ Mariana Desterro ・ 

Maria Phuturista ・ Raquel Parras ・ Anna Louise Rabello


Thaís DeMelo ・ Pedro Carballal


Thaís DeMelo (brazil, 1995) is a creative & film director.

B.A in cinema & video, her work involves cinema, music videos, videoarts, fashion production and development of artistic installations. 

Present in cinema and art festivals, cultural collectives & expo/exhibitions in more than 17 countries. Her films were curated and selected by events sponsored by The Academy for emerging filmmakers, 

Mubi shorts selection, tactileBOSCH, Anthology Film Archives, BSFF and many others. Awarded in festivals in the UK, USA and Azerbaijan. She was approved for artistic residencies in Russia, Macedonia and Spain starting in 2022. She's the creator of the inQRvention Arts, festival with videoart code interventions that initially happened inside OCUPA 63, the biggest cultural occupation in the latin america She's represented by ACOA videoart collection creators inside the museo de arte contemporáneo de alicante - MACA (spain), Vvovva art gallery and had her films installed in many art galleries inside Japan and the UK. She's an art manifesto bs researcher and some of her works are based on fluxus and neodada, mixing traditional audiovisual techniques with art, noisy soundscapes and image overlays. She's currently working on her first full-length film. 



production design  Thaís DeMelo ・ Pedro Carballal ・ Luis Fernando Landeiro

screenplay  Thaís DeMelo

cinematography  Pedro Carballal

editing  Thaís DeMelo