Performing Land

Marielle Gonier

August, 2021 / Spain


Performing Land aims at showing how the performer can be nourished mentally and physically, influenced by the energy of Nature, through processes of exploration and experimentation. It is an attempt to consider the human body as an organic material, a natural moving material capable of giving shapes and volumes to an aesthetic representation. 

 In those steps of being, the performer brings to light the interrogation of the place of nature for the individual, towards a possible reconciliation between both.


Marielle Gonier


Marielle Gonier


After an initiation to ballet and a solid musical training at the conservatory (piano studies) 

Marielle left her native island , Martinique, for the United States to complete her artistic training.
In New York, she continued her studies in ballet dance at the Russian Ballet School and on Broadway, 

honing her skills in contemporary and modern-jazz dances. In Paris, she continued her career 

at the Jennifer Goubé Ballet School and at the International Dance Academy: dance, theater, singing.

She also obtained a Master  in Performing Arts at the University of Paris VIII.

Marielle is currently the founder of Un jour / Une performance, where she devotes herself to multidisciplinary artistic creations and performances, and artwork in collaboration.


production design  UN JOUR / UNE PERFORMANCE

music composition  Lukas Bulko

camera operation  Rupert Murray