■ Pallae: Womanhood Story

Pallae: Womanhood Story 

Park Sohyun

August, 2021 / Korea, Republic of


Choreographer Nam Jeongho's contemporary dance drama "Pallae" premiered in 1993. For the 2021 version of "Pallae," five women dancers spend the night washing clothes and bathing themselves in the stream on stage. Why this performance again?


Ku Eunhye ・ Park Yura ・ Lee Soyoung ・ Jeong Seoyun ・ Hong Jeehyun


Park Sohyun


Majored in filmmaking. With <The Knitting Club>(2015), she received Network of Asian Women's Film Festivals Awards in 2016 and The Woman Filmmaker of the Year in Documentaries in 2017. <Like a Rolling Stone>(2018) received Best Film award from SIWFF and Audience Award from EBS Intl. Documentary Film Festival.

Filmography: AfterMeToo(2021), Let’s Peace! (2019), Like a Rolling Stone (2018), The Knitting Club (2015) 


cast  Ku Eunhye ・ Park Yura ・ Lee Soyoung ・ Jeong Seoyun ・ Hong Jeehyun

choreography  Nam Jeongho

cinematography  Won Soon-ae

editing  Park Sohyun ・ Koo Daehee

music  Park Sungsun ・ Yeo Haku

sound  Ko Eunha