■ Elevation

Elevation short version

Daniel Kapelian (OMA space)

Dec, 2020 / Korea, Republic of


<2021 Gyeonggi Sinawi Orchestra Concert Meditation ELEVATION> is the second concert of the series Meditation Concerts initiated by Won Il, the director and conductor of the Gyeonggi Sinawi Orchestra.

Carried along by a ceaseless flow of worries and concerns, adapting and struggling, we seldom make time for developing our interior spirit and for gaining higher sentience. Far more than matters of material gain or loss, this is the dilemma of our human condition in our world today. 

In this context, the intention of this particular show is to gear human attention towards the inside, to offer to the audience a sonic and visual experience for recollection and reconnection with life’s essential state of awareness.


Won Il 

Artistic director of the Gyeonggi Sinawi Orchestra, Won Il is a composer, conductor, piri and percussion player who is often referred to as “the icon of innovation” in Korean music scene. He has previously worked as a professor in the School of Korean Traditional Arts at Korea National University of Arts, artistic director of the National Orchestra of Korea, music director for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, and executive director for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 100th National Sports Festival in Seoul.

Gyeonggi Sinawi Orchestra 

Sinawi is a native Korean word and a traditional musical term which can encompass the performances of both the core repertoire of traditional music and the newly composed contemporary Korean music. The Gyeonggi Sinawi Orchestra aims to fulfill the needs of the contemporary audience by combining and blending the traditional and modern way of performing and creating Korean music with various art forms of our time. While maintaining its identity as a Korean orchestra, the Gyeonggi Sinawi Orchestra will expand its musical spectrum and the already dynamic and multifaceted soundscape through actively interacting and collaborating with musicians from around the world.


Daniel Kapelian

Daniel Kapelian is a French multimedia creator, author, art director, producer, and curator. He cultivates his eclecticism to initiate projects with a crossover of disciplines and transversal forms: from books, exhibitions, television, films, to interactive media, contemporary art & design, from craftmanship to art & technology and music.


production  Gyeonggi Sinawi Orchestra

distribution  Gyeonggi Arts Center 

artistic director  Won Il 

director ・ stage design films  Daniel Kapelian

original screenplay  Daniel Kapelian

music composition  Unjin Yeo ・ Won Il