A Letter from Grandma

Anita Piotrowska

July, 2021 / Poland


The grandma tells her granddaughter what all this love is. She shares what he has experienced herself. 

But she points out that love cannot be told, it can only be experienced. The letter, read by its author, is completed and interpreted by shadow images. They appear on the fabrics decorated with traditional embroidery.

These ornaments also contain the story about love: it is symbolized by woven wreaths of plants, animals and birds, 

and colour. The embroidered bird comes to life as a shadow to set off in search of the other half. The film is a personal conversation between the grandma and her granddaughter. At the same time, it is very universal. At a time when 

human relationships are dominated by the technology and seem so complicated, it goes back to the basics. 

It refers to the intergenerational bond, to the strength given to women by women, to wisdom that is not based on knowledge but on emotions. The same as always, unchanging. Because the need for is still the same in us, only finding it seems do difficult now...


Anita Piotrowska


Anita Piotrowska is a student of puppet stage design and a student of puppet direction of Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art, Puppetry Department in Białystok. Her artistic interests combine a puppetry, a stop-motion animation and a visual art and she interested in new forms in puppet theater. She explores puppet’s potential in film. She says "Art is the way to say something important. I would like to discuss about human condition, global issues, an environment, good and evil. I support life close to nature, a minimalism, self love and love to others. My motto is stay positive. In my opinion our planet’s hope are children, so I want to sentisitize them to the word around."


production design  Anita Piotrowska

puppet maker  Anita Piotrowska

cinematography  Sebastian Łukaszuk

editing  Sebastian Łukaszuk

sound director  Mirosław Bobowik 

animations  Agata Nierzwicka ・ Ewa Doan ・ Marcelina Budz 

music composition  Marcelina Budz