■ Please Don't Touch

Please Don't Touch

Capucine Gougelet

 2021 / France


There are few rules in a museum : Don’t run, don’t scream, don’t touch, and most importantly, don’t disobey.


Capucine Gougelet


Capucine Gougelet is a French animation director and graphic designer. She graduated from EnsAD (Paris) in 2020. She created moving and still frames in different techniques for varied projects such as short films, commissioned film, illustration or edition. In her works, she raises life in society topics in a bold and sharp way. She creates graphical mechanisms for every project and every medium. In 2014, she participated in the feature film Ville Neuve directed by Félix Dufour-Laperrière in Montreal and developped her own practice in the animation studios CUB in Budapest and Poink in Tel Aviv along with Assaf Benharroch. After directing her first shortfilm Please don’t touch, she is currently in residency for her next short film which she produces with France Télévisions.


script   Capucine Gougelet

production   Capucine Gougelet

director of photography   Capucine Gougelet

amination   Capucine Gougelet ・ Capucine Muller

editing   Capucine Gougelet

sound engineering   Xavier Drouault ・ Christian Phaure

sound editing and mix  Antoine Chical 

poster design   Mustapha Bensalem 

original music   Alon Weissfeld