■ Nos (US)

Nos (US)

Nelson Fernandes

Oct, 2021 / Portugal


"Us" is a short film of animation which mixes several Stop Motion techniques, proposing a journey through the conflicted human condition. War, loneliness, nature, crossings, fallen dreams are some of the recurring aspects in this animated poem on paper.


Nelson Fernandes


Anita Piotrowska is a student of puppet stage design and a student of puppet direction of Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art, Puppetry Department in Białystok. Her artistic interests combine a puppetry, a stop-motion animation and a visual art and she interested in new forms in puppet theater. She explores puppet’s potential in film. She says "Art is the way to say something important. I would like to discuss about human condition, global issues, an environment, good and evil. I support life close to nature, a minimalism, self love and love to others. My motto is stay positive. In my opinion our planet’s hope are children, so I want to sentisitize them to the word around."


production  Nelson Fernandes ・ Daniel Pereira

distribution   The Stone ・ The Plot

sound  Nelson Fernandes ・ Felipe Santareno

music composition  Marcelina Budz