■ Made In

Made In

Eva Marín 

Feb, 2021 / Spain


Forced into a long journey from Bangladesh, a talking sock recounts its entire adventure since it was created will lay bare the severe social and environmental impact of our production and consumption system.


Eva Marín


Eva Marín has studied film directing with Bela Tarr at the Film Factory in Sarajevo, and has attended a conducting monograph with Abbas Kiarostami. In her training as a filmmaker she has attended screenwriting workshops with Michel Gaztambide and Víctor Erice. Eva has studied acting at the Granada theater school with Alessia Desogus and in gestural theater with José Piris at the “Nouveau Columbier” school in Madrid. She has also studied the Clown technique at the school of Eric de Bont and Alain Vigneau. As a screenwriter and director, she has made documentaries such as “La barraca” (Ethnographic Museum of Valencia) or “Quaderns” (Faculty of Philology of Valencia). Her short films “Ezequiel y la galga María” (2014) and “Lucrecia” (2016) have received numerous awards and international selections. 

She recently directed and taught the Ciudad de Silla film and documentary workshop, from which the short film "Made In" was created, award-winning docu-fiction that calls into question our mode of production and consumption and the social and environmental impact it generates.


actresses  Eva Díaz-Cano ・ Paula Santana

children actors  Ziead Ehab ・ Ilyas Atifi ・ Yahya Atifi ・ Amir Chaui ・ Rahal Chaoui

voice over   Ziead Ehab

original screenplay  Alicia Torres Sastrus ・ Sara Vargas

music used  Luma ・ Robert López Marín