■ El Viajero (The Traveller)

El Viajero (The Traveller)

Fabio Bonvicini

May, 2022 / Spain


In the game of life, the journey is imposed as a symbol, with infinite meanings. And the tarot game tries to unravel those adventures and misadventures in which every human recognizes himself and tries to conjure for his own good. The tarot captures in its symbols the multiplicity of possible situations, in a life, of changing paths, of transformations, and above all of faith, faith in the future.

This animated short film reinterprets in a lysergic and hallucinated way the images of the Marseille tarot of a traveler in a
future world that mixes with timeless paradises full of dying gods.

This film is entirely made with Unreal Engine 5.


Fabio Bonvicini


Fabio Bonvicini started his career in 1993 as assistant director in Operas, working on "Nozze Di Figaro","Othello" and "La Serva Padrona".

In 2001 started to work in computer graphics working all over the world.

His journey started in London working on the films "Harry Potter" and the order of the Phoenix" and "Narnia" .

Then supervising creatures and vfx on various films :  "Strange Magic" , "Bilal : A new breed of hero" , "Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass","The Mummy", "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets", "Thor-Ragnarok", "Shazam!", "Goosebumps 2", "Hellboy" , "Scary Stories to tell in the Dark","Monster Hunter" , "TheMandalorian" , "Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker" ,"Devotion", "Slumberland".


In 2012 wrote the Music Score of the Overall winner of the 48Hr Project in Singapore "Zero Sum", in 2016 wrote the soundtrack for the film "Emper" by Joey Brown.


In 2019 received an Honourable Mention for Best Music Composer at the Los Angeles Independent Women Film Award film festival for the short movie "Le Dejeuner".


CANNES Lions 2015 : Grand Pix and Gold Lion

Associated with MPCAssociated with MPC

Grand Pix and Gold Lion Award for Monty's Christmas


British Arrow Gold: Best CGIBritish Arrow Gold: Best CGI

Issued by British Arrows Awards · Nov 2014

Associated with MPC

first direct 'Little Frill'


narrator  Gabriel Cobo

music  Fabio Bonvicini

direction  Fabio Bonvicini

lighting  Fabio Bonvicini

modeling  Fabio Bonvicini

editing  Fabio Bonvicini

Animation  Fabio Bonvicini