■ XXL Leotard Anna Sui Hand-Mirror

XXL Leotard Anna Sui Hand-Mirror

Jan, 2020 / Korea


Junho finds mind peace with his unique taste of taking pictures wearing women's leotards to deal with the anxiety and nervousness of the contest for entrance exams. However, he keeps his tastes secret because of excessive control of mothers who is in private tutoring groups and friends' prejudice. Then one day, a photo of Junho wearing a leotard was posted on the bulletin board of the school's website with a mosaic on his face, and Junho finds out that the person who posted it was Heeju who is being bullied at school. Heeju, who failed to find a mate in the physical education performance evaluation, proposes to prepare a physical education performance evaluation task together using Junho’s photo as an opportunity (under the pretext of Junho's photo). Junho and Heeju receives suspicions from their friends for unusual atmosphere between Junho and Heeju.


An Buungsik ∙ Oh Haeyoung ∙ Park Sein ∙ Kim Minha ∙ Yoo Donghoon ∙ Cho Eojin


Jeon Inchul ∙ Jung Byungmok


writer Park ChanKyu

music composer Park Minsoo

editorial mangager Song Soobin

assistant director Hwang Sunghyun ∙ Kim Yurim