■ The Note

The Note

Siavash Eydani

August, 2020 / Iran


A man wakes up and finds himself on a bed in the sea


Rouholah Bakhtshahi ・ Parastoo Hasani Moghadam ・ Parsa Hasani Mooghadam


Siavash Eydani

When He was 17, faced to photography with a Zenit SLR Camera. And One year After that, he set up my own darkroom to do photography in serious ways. Interesting to varity of Culture and Roots of History, made a reason for me to travel around Iran to do photography and make movie with this concept. Most of these travels are with bicycle and hiking.


production design  Siavash Eydani

art director  Hale Ghorbani

camera assistant  Amir Meftahi

editing  Farzad Jafari