Dark Myriad 4

Eta Dahlia

Jan, 2020 / United Kingdom


'Dark Myriad 4' is a videopoem that aims to create a new poetic language, integrating spoken word 

with moving image to develop a non-illustrative style. This piece ponders on the act of looking at a plain brick wall, 

which starts to tell its story in a rhythmic burst of colours.


Iris Colomb ・ Ivan Isakov


Eta Dahlia


Eta Dahlia is a Russian poet and filmmaker based in London. 

His work combines minimalist Russian poetry with a range of audio-visual media. He works with spoken word, 

video, images, colours and music, integrating these elements into inseparable rhythmic and rhyming compositions 

to create coherent and complete multimedia poetic pieces. Through these interdisciplinary pieces Eta strives

to reach a universal type of poem, where the understanding and appreciation of a piece 

is not limited to its original language.


producer  Greg Budanov

music composer  Evan MacDonald