■ Work it Class!

Work it Class!

Pol Diggler

Oct, 2021 / Spain


During a fancy New Year's Eve party, two dancers will try to mock the upper class audience by changing the song of their performance. The most unusual battle is about to start.


Pop Diggler


Pol Diggler. Barcelona. Director, producer and audiovisual creative. In 2014 he created FERGAHT Productions, an independent label that joins professionals from each filmmaking department, from original idea and scriptwriting to postproduction and distribution. Since then and under his direction, FERGAHT’s films have achieved 250 international

awards and have been selected in more than 500 festivals such as Tarazona, Sitges (Paul Naschy Award)

, BIFFF (Audience Award), Soria or Hard:Line. 3 times nominated for the Méliès European Award.


production  Films de l’Orient

distribution  Pol Diggler