■ L'ecrivain Aveugle (The Blind Writer)

L'ecrivain Aveugle (The Blind Writer)

Georges Sifianos

Aug, 2021 / France


The drawings of this film were made blindfolded, using only tactile cues. This challenge reflects the writer’s dilemmas facing ideological certainties. In a world of communication, where custom images and opinions are constructed, how can one discern the essential? What is seeing anyway? Appearances, do they correspond to reality?


Georges Sifianos


Georges Sifianos, born in Greece, holds a PhD in animation aesthetics from the University of Sorbonne. He is a filmmaker and professor emeritus of animation at ENSAD in Paris, where he founded the Department of Animation Studies in 1995. He has lectured worldwide including universities in Europe, India, Korea, Japan and China.  As a member of PSL academic research group, SACRe (EA 7410), he is interested in the renewal of forms of animation cinema, particularly from the point of view of cognitive science. The blindfolded animation approach employed in “The blind writer” is part of this research. His other recent research interest concerns animation forms found on the Parthenon’s Frieze. His book Aesthetics of Animated Cinema received the 2014 "McLaren - Lambart" award for the best academic book by the Society for Animation Studies and the "Hemingway Grant" in 2015. 

His filmography includes the films:

“SMILE” (1974), animated short film. 2’.

“PETROCHEMICALS, THE CATHEDRALS OF DESERT” (1981), feature-length documentary, in co-direction with Stathis Katsaros. 80’.

“SCENT OF CITY” (1994), animated short film. 8.30’.

“TUTU” (2001), animated short film, co-directed with Pascal Dalet. 26’.

“EGO” (2007), animated short film. 12’.

“THE BLIND WRITER” (2021), animated short film. 9.50’.


production  Georges Sifianos

music composer   Gustave Carpène