■ K-55 Calamari

K-55 Calamari

Ineui Lee

Dec, 2021 / South Korea


K-55 refers to Osan Air Base located in Sinjang-dong, Pyeongtaek in Gyeonggi-do Province. And calamari refers to fried squids in Italian. K-55 and calamari—these two words are very unlikely to get along, but they have been the main keywords explaining 40 years of Ok-sun’s life. She has sold salted fries in front of Osan Air Base, also known as the US forces base, for over 40 years. Following her personal account of the past, we take a look at the traces of history left in Sinjang-dong, Pyeongtaek.


Ineui Lee

- Education Graduated from Seongsan Elementary School, 1988

Graduated from Osan Middle School, 1991

Graduated from Suwon High School, 1994

Graduated from Department of Theater and Film, Hanyang University, 2001


- Filmography

   2022 Short Film A House with Bathtub (DCP, 29min) Producing / Screenplay / Directing / Editing

   2021 Documentary K-55 Calamari (DCP, 15min) Planning / Directing / Photography / Editing

2022 1st Pyeongtaek International Film Festival Award for Best Director – Short Film, Award for Best Documentary

   2019 Independent Full-length Film The ABCs of Our Relationship (DCP, 100min) Screenplay / Directing

2017 KOFIC Selection for Low-budget Full-length Independent Film Funding

2018 Gyeonggi Film Commission Selection for Diversity Film Funding

2019 Incheon Film Commission Selection for Incheon-based Low-budget Film Funding

2019 Seoul Independent Film Festival Selection for Post-production Funding and Screening for New Choice

2021 Played in theaters on January 28 (distributed by Cinema Dal)

   2016 Short Film The ABCs of Our Relationship (HD, 24 min) Screenplay / Directing / Editing

   2014 Short Film The Sign of Four (HD, 18 min) Producing / Screenplay / Directing / Editing

Ministry of Unification · Red Cross Funded Documentary Video Letter of Parted South-North Families Directing / Editing

   2013 Short Film Night Swimming (HD, 15 min) Producing / Screenplay / Directing / Editing

2012 KOFIC Selection for Independent Film Funding

2015 Cine Fiesta International Film Festival (Puerto Rico) - International

   2013 KBS Special Series Climb the Sky Walls (HD, 54 min) Assistant Directing

   2012 Full-length Documentary LEE and Me (HD, 85 min) Producing / Photography / Directing / Editing

   2011 Full-length Documentary Dream Factory (HDV, 84 min) Photography

   2010 2010 KOFIC Film Development Final Selection A Man and Woman from Previous Life Screenplay

   2009 Full-length Documentary Guitar Story (HDV, 68 min) Photography

   2008 Short Film Catch Ball (HD, 15 min) Screenplay / Directing

   2007 Short Film Ah (DV, 28 min) Screenplay / Directing / Editing

   2006 Short Film Gift (35 mm, 28 min) Screenplay / Directing


writer  ineui Lee

producer  Lee eunjoo

production  ini film

distribution  ini film

music composer  Janghyuk Lee

key cast  Jang oksoon